The terms dependence and tolerance are often associated with Trakem Tramadol use. This is because patients often assume Tramadol has the same characteristics as other Opioids. Experts urge users to properly understand these terms so they can make an informed treatment choice. Tolerance is when a patient’s body does not respond the same way as it used to before. Patients who experience tolerance often require a higher dose to experience the effect of the tablet. Dependence commonly occurs when a patient suddenly discontinues treatment.

When a patient abruptly stops treatment, their body normally goes through a withdrawal process which may include mental or physical symptoms. Patients who use Trakem 100mg will find that they do not experience these symptoms while or after taking the medication. This is because Tramadol has an excellent tolerability rate due to its synthetic base. To further protect themselves against dependence and tolerance, patients should follow the instructions, directions, and expert advice regarding Trakem 100 tablet uses and dosage.

Trakem Tramadol Tablets: Tailor-Made Pain Relief

Patients who intend to use Trakem 100mg as a treatment will find that the tablet comes in two variations, one being fast-acting and the other slow-acting. The form of Tramadol a patient chooses depends on the type and intensity of the pain they are feeling.

Fast-acting/immediate-release Trakem Tramadol tablets are taken by patients who require more instant relief. This form is usually used on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Directions dictate that patients using fast-acting Tramadol take a smaller 25mg dose two to four times a day to start with, as the durational effects of the pill last from four to six hours.

In contrast to the fast-acting formula, the slow-acting (slow-release) form produces prolonged durational effects that can span from twelve to twenty-four hours. This is because instead of the active ingredient being released instantly once the tablet is consumed, it is released slowly. This form is taken once a day mainly by patients who suffer from chronic pain. Once a patient’s body becomes familiar with these Pain Relief Tablets, doses can be incrementally increased to 50mg; however, the total dosage amount should not exceed 400 mg/day. Experts advise that patients refrain from taking the tablet when the feeling of pain is not present as it can lead to tolerance or dependence in the future.

A survey report suggests that many patients who take the pill at the same time every day have a positive experience that is free of dependence, tolerance, and severe side effects. This is because routine assists the body in properly extracting the benefits from the tablet and ensures that double dosing linked to dependence and tolerance does not occur. Hence it is advised that one implement a schedule and stick to it.

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