Guide to Processing Your Order

An established and licenced online pharmacy in the US is called We consistently offer premium medications at the most competitive prices. The fact that these meds are FDA approved and may be delivered directly to your home is the finest part. We are ready to supply the medicine right away to your area. The team of Citra100mg always work as per the clients demand. To help the clients, we always provide simple and easiest way to place the order. By selecting the medicine along with quantity, you can place the order. After selecting this, you always get the payment link on your id which you have given to us.

Place the order by using Simple Steps


The medicine is initially selected depending on your needs. The medicine must come first, followed by the number of tablets you need. Our team collects data about the drug as well as the consumer throughout the subsequent period. Our staff will get in touch with you following your purchase to inquire about the meds you need. You’ll get an email this time with a link to complete the payment procedure. You will receive a payment link and comprehensive information about the medicine you have selected in this email. The employees of will never release your registered ID information without first getting your approval. 

The details of your medicine will be sent to our shipping department by our staff once you have finished the payment portion. Now the medication in stock will be examined by the shipping department. They will ship your medication in secure packaging within 24 hours if the drugs are in stock.


The package is now prepared for delivery. When your shipment has passed all quality checks, we deliver it to another team. Customers will now get shipping details, allowing them to follow the development of their package. Before delivering your prescription to your location, we always take all necessary safety measures. We never take chances and always do the job right.

Within a few hours of shipment, the tracking ID will become active. This enables you to be aware of the status of your order. This will help you anticipate when you will get your medicine. We promise that your medication will reach you in a timely manner, undamaged.

Day 3

Based on the addresses you provide; our shipment team sends your items to the postal service’s distribution centre. We never delay the delivery of these pharmaceuticals; we always deliver the package on schedule. When delivering your prescription, we follow all protocols and regulations since we care about our customers.

You may get details about your medicine from us; our team is always here to help and support our customers. Our customer support agents give customers precise information about their package.Note: You can directly mail or chat with us if you are having trouble determining the status of the medications. We provide services to clients around-the-clock to ensure prompt delivery of solutions.

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