, a legitimate or accredited provider of Healthcare Solutions, takes the security of your personal data seriously. The sorts of personal information we gather from you through our website are described in this privacy notice It also explains why we collect such personal information, who we could share it with, and what security precautions we take with your data. It also describes your options and rights in connection to your personal data, as well as how to contact us with concerns about our privacy policies. These data assist you in understanding the complete policy, which is vital for consumers to understand. We always give clients accurate information.


These definitions are used in this privacy notice:


a small file downloaded to your device by our website or mobile app when you browse or utilise specific features of our website or app. Most websites can remember your actions or preferences for a short while thanks to cookies.


comprises non-personal information, personal information, and sensitive personal information about you that, alone or in combination with other data, may, directly or indirectly, make it possible to identify you when you visit one of our shops, websites, or mobile applications.

What Data Do We Collect About You

For the different objectives detailed in this Privacy Notice, gathers Data.

This data includes the following categories without limitation:

Contact information: initial and last name, postal address, nationality, occupation, telephone number, and any other similar contact information.

Financial Information: Payment instrument details, transactions, transaction history, preferences, methods of payment, modes of payment, patterns or trends in expenditure, and other data of a similar kind.

Transaction information: the transaction’s date, total, history, preferences, and other relevant information which is required for shipping.

Product or Service Information: When you ask for products and/or services directly from us or take part in marketing programmes, we may collect your account membership number, registration and payment information, and information unique to a certain programme.

Keeping Data Secure

We will protect your Data using organisational and technical safeguards, and we keep your Data on secure servers. To react with any suspected data breach, technical and organisational safeguards are included. Please email us right once if you believe there has been any abuse, loss, or unauthorised access to your data.

Change to This Privacy Notice

We at is always evolving, therefore our Privacy Notice could too. Unless you have told us otherwise, we may send you e-mail reminders of our notices and terms from time to time, but you should visit our website and mobile application often to see any most current updates. We always give updates or necessary information to clients when required. We never hide any kind of information from our clients.

How to Contact Us

The staff of is constantly available to assist customers. To ensure that customers receive prompt answers to their questions, our executives are constantly available to assist and support them. Please contact us if you have any problems ordering or monitoring your order.

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